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Friday, April 30, 2021

April 30, 2021

Ayade's SSA on CalaPharm, Esuong Uwase Felicitates Arc. Akpo On Birthday



Today, I celebrate an exceptionally youth loving leader, MY BOSS and MENTOR, a man filled with wisdom and vision, Arc. (Dr) Eric Akpo.

You have impacted the lives of many youths of Cross River State, regardless of their ethnic or regional background. You are a true definition of a detribalized Nigerian.

You took me under your wings and directed my path towards greatness. 

You have built for yourself a legacy that can never be destroyed. Boss, I am thankful for the opportunity you've given me to work under you.

For everything that you've been to me and everything you've done for me, I say a BIG THANK YOU. I'm wishing you a super duper birthday.

Happy Birthday MY BOSS & MENTOR!

 Esuong Uwase, SSA to the Governor on CalaPharm

Thursday, March 18, 2021

March 18, 2021

Cross Riverians, The Future and The Historical Move


As the Population Council and Civilian Panel of Citizens' Solution Network make the pro-citizens' move to sign an historical Pact on the Political and Citizens' Future of Cross River state with both the New and Purpose-Driven Leadership of Inter-Party Advisory Committee (IPAC) in the State –a body overseeing the political discourse and processes within the State across the 18 Local Government Areas/196 Wards, and the dedicated and visionary Executive of Online Media Practitioners Association of Nigeria (OMPAN) –an institution committed to shaping national debate and media conversation across the country;

several media houses, political leaders, traditional, women, religious, academic, NGOs and youth leaders, etc, from across the divides, and a greater section of the 4.2 million Cross Riverians across the length and breadth of the State have been adorned with this pan-Cross Riverian objective that seeks to engage citizens across the State, end voters' apathy, oversee the political process and ensure that the right leaders emerge with a level playing field for all aspirants, while shaping and leading media discourse to enforce its mandate and build a Cross River state where only true and sound leaders emerge for the socio-economic transformation of the State.

Hence, the general public has been enjoined to be hopeful with the prospective and potential of the much anticipated historical Pact Signing on The Political and Citizens' Future of Cross River State by the aforementioned leaderships of the three giant and uncompromising multi-demographic institutions.


Joint Executive Boards

To: *Cross River Joint Alliance On Political and Citizens' Future. (CROJAP-CF)*


Citizens' Solution Network.

Inter-Party Advisory Committee (IPAC)_ CRS.

Online Media Practitioners Association of Nigeria (OMPAN)

PS: As a citizen in the State you are encouraged to share  and join to build a better Cross River.

Thursday, October 1, 2020

October 01, 2020

Communique Issued By NACRISS Worldwide To Resolve The Lingering Leadership Crisis In The Association

                                   29th September, 2020


Arising from a meeting held on the 29th of September, 2020 between the supposed Emmanuel Orok led factional executive members and the Awatt Eso led factional executives, we agreed to forge a common front for the interest of every student of Cross River State Origin.

We regret the fact that NACRISS-WW has been factionalised for one whole year and still counting without any tangible achievement recorded by both factions throughout the period of crisis. Hence,there is a need for a peaceful resolution in order to give way for a smooth transition to guide against further polarization and factionalization in our enviable association which has served has a leadership academy overtime. 

The supposed Emmanuel Orok led factional executive took this decision to form a unity executive with Comr. Awatt Eso faction due to the fact that Emmanuel Orok has refused to listen to good counsel which has made him to take decisions which are not in tandem with the constituition of NACRISS-WW.

Comr. Emmanuel Orok has been running the affairs of NACRISS-WW like his personal estate and has meddled into secular politics meanwhile NACRISS-WW is apolitical. The association is supposed to be politically neutral, he did all what he did without consulting any of his supposed executive member.

The height of it all was when his factional executive members only heard and saw on social media that he had called for a dissolution and single handedly constituted an illegal electoral board without the knowledge of any of his executive member and without calling for a congress which he never convened throughout the one year he paraded as a factional NACRISS-WW president.

These, is coupled with the resolution of the council of worldwide presidents wherein a vote of no confidence was passed on the personality of Emmanuel Orok and a letter addressed to the Special Assistant to the Governor on Students Affairs  by the Leadership of the Council, and in the light of the foregoing a meeting was held between the Awatt Eso led faction and Emmanuel Orok led factional executive members. 

The following resolutions were reached in order to give peace a chance for the betterment of the association, to avert crisis and put to an end to the issues of factions in NACRISS-WW that has lingered for too long.
That this unity executive will be headed by Comr. Awatt Eso with the following as members:
i.   comr. Catherine Odey-Agba  -  Vice President
ii.  Comr. Egwu Daniel  -  Secretary
iii. Comr. Brenda   -  Asst. Secretary
iv. Comr.Ojong Ekup-Nse   -  Financial Secretary
v. Comr.Ferdinand Ogon  -  Dir. of Sports 
vi. Comr. Macfoy Emmanuel  -  Dir.of Information
vii. Comr. Francis  Odey  -  Director of Socials
viii. Comr Fred Ntaji  -  Auditor
ix. Comr. Charles Etta  -  Provost

That this unity Government serve for a period not exceeding two weeks.
Within the stipulated period of two weeks, the unity government shall call for an enlarge congress of nacrites and stakeholders to come up with a proper dissolution and formation of an electoral body that will be generally accepted and fair to all concerned.
Members of the Unity Government have agreed to bury every personal interest that will hinder a smooth transition.

The Electoral board so constituted shall act in line with the constitutionally stipulated period of 90 days to conduct a free, fair and credible election that will not lead to factions.
Within the period of 90 days, any unity executive member who has any programme that will impact positively on the lives of Nacrites can execute such progammes by liasing with the sole administrator and the transitional president


The public is hereby informed that these steps are taken without any iota of bias or sentiments but for the interest of the association which is gradually dying as a result of external interference.

We do this in good conscience knowing that whoever has the interest of the association at heart will support this process that will lead to a peaceful transition devoid of any influence. 

Cc: Special Assistant to the Governor on Students Affairs

Cc: Permanent Secretary, Office of the State Security Adviser 

Friday, June 26, 2020

June 26, 2020

Press Statement By The Niger Delta Activists Forum Over The Punishment Of The Niger Delta People By Babatunde Raji Fashola In The Neglect Of The Odukpani-Itu-Ikot- Ekpene Road


Good morning Comrades, and gentlemen of the press.

Seven months ago, issues surrounding this same Odukpani-Itu-Ikot-Ekpene road was on the national spot light. The Niger Delta Activist Forum agitated, vigorously and mobilized a massive protest, against the Federal Government to dramatize our pain.

Fashola quickly released the sum of three billion and five hundred million naira, for immediate mobilization to site. We engaged further with him and the entire Ministry of Works and on the 24th December, 2019 at their Ministry headquarters in Mabushi, Abuja and a truce was brokered.

Some of the agreements reached were;

1. That all ongoing Federal road projects within the Niger Delta region would be completed within the 2020 fiscal year save for a few with overlapping design timeline.

2. That Federal Executive Council approval would be sort for the Odukpani-Itu-Ikot-Ekpene road.

3. That the Odukpani-Itu-Ikot-Ekpene road would be placed, on the list of projects to benefit from priority funding. Meaning that execution was to draw monies from SUKUK bond which the Federal Government would be accessing by January of 2020. And work was expected to commence before the end of February 2020

Weeks after this engagement, the Federal Executive Council did approve the sum of fifty billion and three hundred million naira for this project.

But regrettably, the Honorable Minister for Works Fashola, and the Ministry of Works have demonstrated no integrity in this regard.

We are fully aware, how they deliberately chose to prioritize and fund, other projects over this one, forgetting that Oil flows from here and not from those other places. The immediate environmental consequences are born here and not in those other places where they have prioritized over our region.

The road in context has now become a national wreath of sorrows, tears and pains on our people and an emblem of shame, hanging over Fashola's neck and the Ministry under his watch.

The Federal Ministry of Works and the Federal Government must as a matter of urgency devote funds immediately to this project and save us, the untold pain.

Seven months gone bye and no sign of Work on this road. The gridlocks, the pains and sufferings, the robberies, the loss of man hours and the economic sabotage has recommenced in full force.


1. We demand that the Honorable Minister quickly allocate the next tranche of cash inflow to address the Odukpani-Itu-Ikot-Ekpene road.

2. The Honorable Minister must address us and the entire Niger Delta people on the genuineness of Federal Government's commitment to fixing the Odukpani-Itu-Ikot-Ekpene road, to be followed with immediate action.

3. That failure to undertake the aforestated actions within the next twenty one days, the Niger Delta people will respond in the loudest way possible, including but not limited to sustained mass action.

For the Niger Delta people,

Comrade Success Jack
(National President)

Comrade Bernard Okori
( National Treasurer)

Comrade Paul Abang Ajie
(Chairman, Cross Rivers State Chapter)


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