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Friday, March 18, 2022

March 18, 2022

Health Professionals For Senator Gershom Bassey Felicitates Him On 60th Birthday


Health Professional for Senator Gershom Bassey (HP4SGB) has congratulated the Senator representing Cross River South, Senator Gershom Bassey, on his 60th birthday celebration.

In a birthday message signed by the Director General of the group, Dr. Ogar Emmanuel on Friday the 18th of March, 2022, the group said the Senator's sterling leadership qualities and effective representation has brought development to the grassroots, while praying for more celebrations to come.

The message read:

"The entire body of health professional in Cross River State who have identified with the vision and plans of the foremost legislator and representative of Cross River State, wishes to extend our warm felicitation to Distinguished Senator Gershom Bassey on the auspicious occasion of his 60th birthday.

"On the occasion of your Diamond Jubilee, we celebrate you for all you do for Cross River State; from articulating the demands of our people, to meaningful engagements, to massive empowerment even at the front grassroots.

"This occasion presents an opportunity to critically examine the life and times of Senator Gershom Bassey, a story that reflects stellar statesmanship that make you a fine and astute politician with resounding reckon across various households in the state. 

"This would hopefully, be the beginning of celebrations both for you and the good people of Cross River State."

Wednesday, March 2, 2022

March 02, 2022

Governor Ben Ayade Of Cross River State Turns 54! See Interesting Facts You Probably Did Not Know About Him

Governor Ben Ayade Of Cross River State Turns 54!

Facts about Governor Ayade:

Benedict Bengioushuye Ayade, the governor of Cross River State was born 2 March, 1968 in Obudu. He hails from Kakum Village, Ipong Ward of Obudu Local Government Area of Cross River State, Nigeria. His parents were both devout Catholics. His father worked as a public servant with the water board.

Benedict Ayade received his primary education at St. Stephens Primary School, Obudu, and proceeded to Government Secondary School, Obudu, Nigeria, for his secondary education.

Ayade earned his B.Sc. (Honours) from the University of Ibadan in Ibadan, Nigeria (1984–1988). He then proceeded to obtain his M.Sc. in microbiology (1989–1990) and subsequently his Ph.D in environmental microbiology from the same University of Ibadan (1990–1994), winning the Best Doctoral Dissertation Award in Environmental Microbiology. Ayade also has an MBA (2000–2002) from Ambrose Alli University Ekpoma, Edo State. Ayade is a lawyer with a LLB law degree (2006–2010) from Delta State University, Abraka. Ayade went on to work as a lecturer at Delta State University, Abraka, where he was subsequently appointed professor.

Happy birthday to him!


Thursday, February 17, 2022

February 17, 2022

Photos: Outfit President Muhammadu Buhari Wore In Belgium Trends Online

L-R: President Muhammadu Buhari and his Guinea Bissau counterpart

He hosted President of Guinea Bissau, Umaro Sissoco Embalo, Guinea-Bissau in Brussels, Belgium, recently and looked so young.

The African leaders met on the Sideline of the 6th European Union-African Union Summit.


Monday, January 10, 2022

January 10, 2022

Photos: Ubi Franklin's Baby Mama, Sandra Iheuwa Sent Packing 5 Months After Marriage

Steve Thompson, the estranged husband of Sandra Iheuwa, one of Ubi Franklin's baby mamas, has revealed why his marriage to Sandra ended after just 5 months, IgbereTV reports.

Steve said he wasted 45 million Naira to marry Sandra only to discover that Sandra "married for social media, not for the home."

He added that Sandra fights everyone, including his family members and constantly reminds him that she's an American and tells him that he married her to get "Green card".

He said his marriage can no longer work because of Sandra's "too much use of social media."

He also said that no man can marry Sandra.

He added that she threatened that she knows bloggers and will tarnish his image on blogs if he ends things.

He also alleged that "she leaves the whole place dirty".

This is Steve Thompson's second marriage to crash and he has revealed that he will now focus on his business.

Sandra is heavily pregnant with the couple's first child. Sandra also has other kids with other men, including a daughter she shares with Ubi Franklin.

He wrote on Instagram:

I have to make a statement and this will be the first and the last ,

My marriage with Sandra can not work again because of her too much use of Social Media , She doesn't care about the home , She is bragging how she has cooked 3

Truth is , I will not let anyone tarnish my good image , i married a wrong woman that knows how to fight , She is fighting everyone, She even lied that I gave her std, i have been my own for 4 YEARS 00000, NOW JUST 5 MONTHS WAHALA WANT TO KILL MESS eeeee


I moved her things my self immediately she left for the village, her stuff is at my Sister's place in Phase 1, SHE DID NOT MOVE OUT, I MOVED HER BEFORE HER WAHALA KILLS ME AND TOLD THE ESTATE GATE NOT TO LET HER IN

Enjoy your Sunday ®eeeee View all 467 comments iam_nekkyb But u told us u have found love? bitcoin_chief This was too sudden

I wasted N45 million Marrying someone I dont even know

Everyday i will not hear word , I'm an American I'm an American • • • • • I know you married me for Green card bla bla bla , Do You need Green card to live in Lekki Please give it to your next Husband and I don't want

This is my Second marriage , right now I will focus on business


Friday, December 17, 2021

December 17, 2021

Emir Of Kano, Ado Bayero To Marry Ex-Girlfriend


The emir of Kano, Aminu Bayero, is planning to marry his longtime heartthrob, simply identified as Hajiyayye, in Dorayi area of Kano metropolis.

The emir, who has only one wife and four children, will cut his polygamous teeth after about three decades of monogamy.

Insiders said that secret plans have been on top gear between the representatives of the royal family and the family of the fiancee.

The sources said there won’t be pomp and pageantry as “the emir is reclusive”

The family of his fiancee are “ordinary people”.

“The wedding will take place in a matter of days or weeks. It was postponed several times in the past, and since it will be a low key event, it can take place any moment.

“The emir has been courting Hajiyayye years before he became emir. But this time, plans have been concluded for the wedding to hold,” said the source.

Born in 1961, Mr Bayero ascended the throne as 15th Fulani Emir of Kano on March 9, 2020, following the deposition of his nephew Muhammadu Sanusi II by the state governor, Abdullahi Ganduje.

Saturday, December 4, 2021

December 04, 2021

Shocking! Woman Narrates How She Was Impregnated By Her Husband's Teenage Son


Mrs Justina Agbumi, a housewife in Nasarawa State, has narrated how she got pregnant for her husband’s biological son.

The woman, who blamed the incident on a frosty relationship with her husband, said things fell apart in her marriage after she was unable to conceive.

Explosion rocks housing estate in Borno

Two gunned down, ‘over 50’ abducted in fresh Kaduna attack

In a chat with The Nation, Agbumi said being childless for 19 years, she was curious to establish whether she was indeed barren.

She said she decided to put her fertility to test with the young man that was staying with them, not knowing he was the biological son of her husband.

Agbumi said her husband, who is now late, had brought in the young man and introduced him to her as one of his relatives from the village.

She said the relationship with her husband, which was once the envy of many, became laced with frustration because she was unable to conceive.

“It got to a point that I asked myself if I was still living with the same man I married. He suddenly became a beast, calling me barren, harlot and useless, just because I couldn’t take in.

“He was my best friend before we got married. We were ready to have children as quickly as possible so we could move on.

“But after five years and more, there was nothing. I didn’t take in, so I became worried.

“We went for several tests but we were told I had no problem but my husband had low sperm count and he needed to regulate his diet, which we did, but nothing changed.

“Because he is the only son, his mother had already become hostile to me, visiting regularly from the village while my husband also joined her in frustrating me.

“Before then, I visited places my faith would ordinarily not permit to, because all I wanted was a child. Yet nothing came out of it.

“That was how I started living alone. I cried daily but that didn’t bring any succour.

“One day, I got an idea and decided to test my fertility with another man. I realised that would be adultery of the highest order, but I also felt it would be lesser sin if it was with my husband’s relation who was staying with us. I drew the young man closer and made him my best friend since my husband had stopped making love to me for close to seven months.

“Luring Godwin to start sleeping with me was a difficult decision but I was also considering my age.

“I had never cheated on my husband before, but I had reached the limit of my endurance and the circumstances around me was not in my favour.

“I concluded that I would test my fertility through Godwin. I had seen Godwin’s crotch during house cleaning, so I realised that his manhood was big enough to give me satisfaction, though he was only about 17 years old.

“I started admiring him anytime my husband went to work. I would summon courage and make advances to him, drawing him closer to me with petty items.

“In no time, he succumbed and we started having sex, though he was not too perfect because he had not been into it.

“But I was teaching him. I also warned him never to reveal it and threatened to kill him if he opened up to anybody.

“We progressed in that direction, especially during my ovulation period. In no distant time, he was able to impregnate me. I missed my period three months after.

“I was very happy that the plan to test my fertility worked and that what my husband could not do for years, Godwin did within a short time.

“One fortunate thing was that Godwin himself did not know that he was responsible for it. Unfortunately for me, I didn’t know that Godwin was actually the biological son of my husband. The entire family hid it from me so that I would not victimise him.”

A twist had occurred in the matter when Godwin secured admission into the College of Education, Akwanga, and was travelling to commence registration when he had an accident that claimed his life.

“He died before I was delivered of a baby boy.”

“When Godwin was buried, I did not attend his burial because I was not strong enough to travel to the village as I was heavily pregnant.

“But after his burial, I noticed that my husband was sad and affected by Godwin’s untimely death. He was affected psychologically so much that it almost cost him his job.

“He ceased to be a happy man, even when I delivered a baby boy for him.

“I made several attempts to discuss with him about the future of our new born baby, but it never interested him, because deep inside him, he knew he was not responsible for the pregnancy and was only pretending.

“The man was not happy at all. One morning, precisely in October this year, my husband abruptly woke me up and broke down in tears, but he was unable to tell me the cause of his misery.

“After about 40 minutes later, he was calm enough to tell me why he was crying.

“He started by apologising to me for not telling me from day one that the late Godwin was actually his biological son.

“He said that while growing up many years ago, he had an affair with a girl which resulted in pregnancy and the girl refused to abort it. She gave birth to Godwin and his mother brought him up.

“So when he met me and I showed serious dislike for any man who already had a child out of wedlock, he decided to hide it from me in order not to lose me.

“He said he didn’t know how to tell me about it all these years. He said he had wanted to reject the pregnancy but his parents took responsibility while he proceeded with his studies.

“He said that when he started working after his studies, he decided that the boy should come and stay with us so that I could train him. But he hid his true identity from me to avoid victimization.

“My husband again burst into tears that the late Godwin was his only son and that he knew full well that he was not responsible for the pregnancy that brought the new born baby boy.

“He pleaded with me to tell him the true father of the new born baby because we did not engage in any lovemaking in the period preceding the pregnancy.”

Justina said she realised at that point that lying would further complicate the situation, “so I decided to come clean.

“I burst into tears and cried uncontrollably. I found it difficult to explain to him since he had been plain with me at the late hour.

“I knelt down before him in tears and confessed to him that the late Godwin, his own son, was the father of my new born baby

“I pleaded with him to forgive me of all my sins; that it was an attempt to save my marriage and bear a child for him, and that I thought that rather than going outside, I should test my fertility with his relation to know whether the fault was from me or from him.

“I pleaded with him to forgive me of all my sins, saying that I took that course of action to protect the marriage and the consolation is that the new baby boy would replace his son, since it is his late son’s blood.”

According to Justina, her husband’s initial reaction was anger as he said he could not imagine his son sleeping with his wife to the point of impregnating her, and his wife allowing such to happen under the same roof.

Since their mutual confession on October 2021, however, their life has not remained the same as their previous cat and dog relationship deteriorated further.

She said: “He (Donald) kept emaciating. He hardly talked and was not excited about the new baby.

“We hardly talked and he hardly responded to my conversation. At a point, I was afraid that he might kill my son. His aloofness really worried me, so I ran out of the house to one of my uncles who also stays in town.

“Two days after, precisely on the 27th of October, my husband slept and died in his sleep.

“Now his people are saying I might have been responsible for his death, and they are threatening to kill me too,” she said amid tears.

Justina added: “My brother, I am not myself. I am confused. I don’t deserve to be alive again, so I’m contemplating suicide because my effort to give my husband a child has ruined my life.

While it was difficult to confront the two families due to the calamity that befell them, our correspondent managed to speak with the late Donald’s mother, and she said: “She (Justina) killed my only son.

“From day one when we realised she could not conceive, we asked her to go but she refused.

“She brought instability into my son’s life which led to his death.

“My son told me all that happened before he died.”

She refused to talk further in spite of promptings from our correspondent.

Justina’s uncle, Mr Stephen, told our correspondent that he would not say anything “until after the burial of my sister’s husband.

“But for now, she is staying with me. Let them prove that she was responsible for her husband’s death.

“I will consult with our parents, particularly our father, because our mother is not alive.”

Thursday, November 25, 2021

November 25, 2021

My Adulterous Wife Meets Men At Different Location – Husband Tells Court


A 45-year-old policeman, Mr. Rafiu Ademola, on Thursday prayed an Igando Customary Court to dissolve his 14-year-old marriage over his wife’s alleged adulterous nature.

NAN reports that the petitioner told the court that his wife, Rashidat, was promiscuous.

“I saw messages of her adulterous acts on her WhatsApp chats with her lovers, she meets with them at different locations.

“She told one of the men that she is a single mother and stays with her sister.

“I transferred all the chats into my phone as evidence,” she said.

The plaintiff said that his wife was lazy and hardly cooked for the family.

According to him, Rashidat also lacks respect for his parents.

He told the court that he no longer loves his wife.

“Please, end our marriage, I can no longer keep her under my roof,” he said.

However, Rashidat denied all the allegations but consented to the dissolution of the marriage.

“I was never promiscuous, it is my husband that involves in extramarital affairs, he brings women into our matrimonial home,” she said.

“He chased me away recently from his house and brought in one of his concubines, I now live and sleep in my shop.”

The 40-year-old fashion designer accused her husband of turning her into a punching bag.

“My husband is a wife-beater, he beat me at the slightest provocation; the scars on my body are as a result of his beatings.

“There was a day he beat me and chased me out naked with pregnancy,” she said.

She said that her mother-in-law never liked her and once assaulted her in public.

Rashidat prayed the court to grant her the custody of their children.

“The last time I saw my children, they all look unkempt, they have skin diseases.

“Please grant me their custody so that I can take proper care of them,” she said.

The Court President, Mr. Adeniyi Koledoye, urged both parties to maintain peace and adjourned the case until Dec. 16 for judgment.

Sunday, November 14, 2021

November 14, 2021

Video: Woman Who Had 10 Kids With 10 Different Men Buried In Penis-Like Casket

A really curious video has emerged online showing how a woman was laid to rest in a casket that was designed to look like a man's private part.

Ghanaian media practitioner and lawyer, Gabby Otchere-Darko shared the video online and further revealed that he was told the deceased had 10 children with different men hence the male organ-shaped casket.

It was also learned that the burial ceremony took place in a Ga community.

Watch the video below:


Saturday, November 13, 2021

November 13, 2021

I Got Married A Virgin At 55, I Want To Have Many Kids – Newly-wed Woman Reveals

Esther and Bakare


A 55-year-old spinster, Esther Bamiloye, who recently got married to a 62-year-old bachelor, Isaac Bakare, in Osun State, has revealed that she got married a virgin.

In a interview with the Punch, she said she’s grateful God finally answered her prayer to get married


I am Lady Evangelist Esther Bamiloye, now Mrs Bakare. I am the 55-year-old woman that got married recently for the first time in her life. My husband is Isaac Bakare, a 62-year-old artisan. Before we got married, he was never married too.

I have a Grade 2 certificate, but I am not into teaching. I am into garment production. I produce garment such as vests, sports wears, washable diapers and more.

Is there a story behind your long wait before getting married?

 The devil had plans to stop me from getting married. When I felt I was ready, there was no man coming for me. I kept waiting on God for a miracle till I reached 55-years. I never dated anyone till I got married. Initially, I thought the problem was from my former church and I left, but I give glory to God. He did it for me in my new church and all the barriers were removed.

Were you under any kind of pressure from family, friends and others during your long wait for the right partner?

Things like that can’t be ruled out, especially when you see your mates or those younger than you doing well, getting married and you are yet to do yours, there will definitely be pressure from people around.

How bad was it?

It was tough. It was one of the reasons I left my former church and joined another church because the pressure was too much at a point.

What exactly did you do to survive the pressure?

I was able to withstand all the pressure because of my deep-rooted faith, belief and focus on Christ Jesus. Specifically, God gave me that grace, dedication and help from certain quarters also sustained me all through.

What was the strangest advice you received during this period?

I can’t count them, but none of the pieces of advice really scared me, except seeing those younger than me getting married on time, while I was waiting, almost wasting away.

Do you have stories of relationships that didn’t work out?

No, I did not at any point in time have any date before I eventually got married. I lived a decent life throughout my school days. I didn’t have any relationship before. I accepted Christ very early and when I was still a student, I didn’t even give any thought to it, as I knew I was not ready then.

When starting this particular relationship that culminated in a marriage, did you have fears that it might not work out?

No at all. My relationship was planned by God. The way God did it, it can’t be explained. It came into fulfillment just as God said it.

How did you meet your husband and what attracted you to him?

God had been revealing his picture and personality to me and speaking to me about him through some people for over three years. Exactly on the day it reached three years that I first got the revelation, God sent the message again through a prophet. The description of his looks, where he would come from and others matched perfectly when I set my eyes on him at Ilesa. My church is in Osogbo, but we had an event in Ilesa where I met the man destined for me.

God even revealed our wedding date, which was October 29, 2021. The period between our meeting and wedding was really short. I give God all the glory for remembering me after all these years.

What are the plans you have for your marriage, like number of children you want to have?

God does all things and one of the blessings of marriage is having children. One has to look forward to childbearing and be steadfast in things of God, and live a happy and fulfilled life. I don’t really have a specific number of children in mind. (We want) as many as God can give us and we can take care of.

Are you not scared of childbearing in view of your age?

I can’t be scared of such things. In fact, I am looking forward to having babies. God that has brought me this far will do it and make all things easy. He is God.

What will you describe as your most painful experience during your moments of waiting?

They were many. Imagine someone of that age not having a husband and not that I deliberately wish not to have. There were many days of weeping, begging God to have mercy. But today, I am happy because as great as the affliction was, I was still able to achieve a lot of things in other areas of my life.

Did you at any point lose hope?

Not really. But I was overwhelmed at some point. It was simply God’s grace that kept me going. I did not know any man till I got married to my husband. I married as a virgin.

After the long waiting period, now that you are married do you feel fulfilled?

Yes, I feel really happy and fulfilled. Words can’t really explain how I feel.

What about your parents? How did they feel about your case and how do they feel now?

As parents, they had no other option than to resort to prayers too and now that God has answered their prayers, they are happy and grateful. They never added to the pressure. They were praying for me.

What is your advice for those who are presently going through what you experienced before getting married?

I advise them to be steadfast in Christ. Although it is not always easy, but with prayers, steadfastness, faith and not being weary, all will end with beautiful testimonies. I am a living testimony and I can confidently say it that God answers prayers, even though it may take a long period of time.

Wednesday, November 10, 2021

November 10, 2021

Woman Has 21 Babies In 1 Year Through Surrogate, Wants More Than 100 Babies!

Moscow native Kristina Ozturk, 24, who welcomed 21 babies by surrogate in just one year, says she and her husband have previously discussed having more than 100 biological children, according to the Daily Mail. 

Moscow native Kristina Ozturk, 24, who welcomed 21 babies by surrogate in just one year, says she and her husband have previously discussed having more than 100 biological children, according to the Daily Mail .

Joining her in this ridiculous baby-making goal is hubby, Galip Ozturk, 57, a millionaire hotel owner with whom she and their growing family live in a three-storey mansion in the popular tourist destination Batumi known as the “Las Vegas of the Black Sea.”

However, they’ve said they’re going to put a pause on this goal while their newly arrived children are still young.

Better still, Ozturk — who also has a six-year-old daughter from a former relationship — insists she’s still a ‘hands-on mother’ despite spending $115,000 CAN every 12 months on 16 live-in nannies.

“I’m with the kids all the time, doing all the things that mums normally do,” she told Fabulous.

She said the couple used surrogate mothers because they wanted to have as many children as quickly possible with first child Mustafa born March 10, 2020 while their 21st child together Judy is just three months old.

“I can tell you one thing — my days are never boring,” said Ozturk told Fabulous .

“Each day is different, from planning staff schedules to shopping for my family,’

Ozturk, who spends around $6,800 CAN weekly on such essentials as 20 large bags of diapers and 53 packs of baby formula, told an Instagram Q&A that during the week, the children eat separately from their parents as dad gets home late from work.

Her own Instagram account, batumi_mama, has 172,000 followers.

See more photos:


Tuesday, November 9, 2021

November 09, 2021

Donald Duke's Daughter, Xerona Welcomes Second Child With Hubby, Shares Photo

Xerona Duke Phillips and Derin Caise Phillips, better known as DJ Caise, have shared a photo of their second child with the world.

This is the second daughter for the couple who welcomed their first daughter named Aurelia Aderinsola Phillips in 2019.

Xerona, who married DJ Caise in 2018, took to Instagram to show off the latest addition to her family.

She revealed that the baby, born on Nov. 1, has been named Oluwaseyipe Aviya Phillips.

Tuesday, November 2, 2021

November 02, 2021

Regina Daniels' Husband, Ned Nwoko Divorces His 5th Wife, Laila


Billionaire businessman, Ned Nwoko, and his fifth wife, Laila have gone their separate ways.

Laila announced this on her Instastories some hours ago. Although she didn't give reasons for their separation, she asked people who followed her on Instagram because of him to unfollow her. She also threatened to block anyone who leaves a negative comment on her page. See her posts below

Sunday, October 24, 2021

October 24, 2021

Lesbian Daughter Of Veteran Singer Charley Boy Reveals Plans To Have Children With Her Partner


In an Instagram interview Dewy Oputa tells Nigerians how she feels about fostering children with her gay partner;

Do you have plans to have kids with your wife?” and in response she said, “We were considering fostering or adopting when that time comes”.

A curious fan had asked, “Do you have plans to have kids with your wife?” and in response she said, “We were considering fostering or adopting when that time comes”.

She however stated that she’s indifferent about birthing a child. “But as far as actually birthing a child, I’m still kind of indifferent about that right now”, she added.

Thursday, September 30, 2021

September 30, 2021


Primate Elijah Ayodele, the Leader of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church recently released a prophecy about Buhari and the country ahead of Independence as Nigeria clocks 61 years.
According to him, God said top government officials will be kidnapped. The Taliban will reinforce and attack before Buhari administration elapses and the North and Abuja will be at the crest of it.
Primate Elijah Ayodele also added that corrupt officials will be exposed, bandits and terrorist leaders will be captured.

In his words, “Our 61st independence anniversary has no meaning, there is no development, the government has done well but the poor are not enjoying it. There is too much death, bloodbath, and more is still coming. What the Lord said to me that we should expect in this new independence year is that the level of corruption in this government will be exposed and some bandits leaders, ISIS, ISWAP Leaders will be captured’.

“In this New Year, some governors will regret being governors because of issues they will be facing especially in the north. There will be so many things exposed and several serious accusations.

“Let us also be prayerful, I see bandits kidnapping people in the top hierarchy. There are places they want to attack in the north and Abuja. Let the government pray on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd of October to save Nigeria from all unnecessary threats because there is going to be a new terrorist group with sophisticated weapons

“We have to pray more for our security issues because the Taliban will reinforce in this New Year and there will be a major attack before the end of this government.”

The prophet spoke about the economy of the country... “Nigeria will still battle with the economy as I see political assassination that will involve a prominent politician.

“EFCC chairman will be incapacitated because of his techniques, he will get a lot of information but they will use him for political reasons so he must be careful,”

He also spoke on the security turnout... “There will be a crisis in customs, some officers will be queried of some illegal operations.

“Let us pray against the death of any commissioner of police.

“Nigeria will still battle with the economy as I see political assassination that will involve a prominent politician.

Thursday, February 4, 2021

February 04, 2021

Man Drags Lady To Court For Refusing To Visit Him After He Sent N5,000 To Her

A Nigerian man has dragged a lady before the Customary Court in Kaduna to retrieve the N5,000.00 he sent to her after the lady failed to visit him at his place.

Twitter user with the handle WizzFarukk shared the story on Twitter. 

His words:

"So my guy sent 5k to this babe to come over from zaria to kaduna only for her to start giving silly excuses and try to play him .
To cut story short Baba carry matter go court them send back him money via Court order Face with tears of joyBroken heartLoudly crying face
Right move or not ?"

Tuesday, December 29, 2020

December 29, 2020

Legendary French Fashion Designer, Pierre Cardin Dies At 98

Pierre Cardin

French fashion designer Pierre Cardin, hailed for his visionary creations but also for bringing stylish clothes to the masses, died Tuesday aged 98, his family told AFP.

Cardin, who was born to a low-income family in northern Italy but became a France-based fashion superstar, died in a hospital in Neuilly in the west of Paris, his family said.

“It is a day of great sadness for all our family. Pierre Cardin is no more,” the statement said.

It said after a lifetime spanning a century he had left France and the world a “great unique artistic heritage” and not only in fashion.

Born into poverty in 1922 near Venice in northern Italy, his family emigrated to France when he was a small child.

“Italian by birth, Pierre Cardin never forgot his origins while bringing unconditional love to France,” said his family.

– From apprentice to global empire –

He grew up in the French industrial town of Saint Etienne and was apprenticed to a tailor in Vichy at the age of 17, already specialising in women’s suits.

Moving to Paris, he designed the mesmerising sets and costumes for the film “Beauty and the Beast” with poet, artist and director Jean Cocteau in 1947.

After a stint with Christian Dior, he had already set up his own fashion label in 1950.

He quickly established a name as an innovator, creating the now legendary bubble dress in 1954.

He also broke new ground commercially, ruffling feathers in the fashion establishment for producing a ready-to-wear collection for the Paris department store Printemps.

His 1964 “Space Age” collection remains a landmark in fashion history with its cut-out dresses, knitted catsuits, tight leather pants, close-fitting helmets and batwing jumpers.

His global empire had a strong presence in Japan and also signed production deals with the Cold War-era Soviet Union in 1978. He also became the first French designer in 1979 to cement links with China.

He was also the first designer to hold a fashion show in Red Square in Moscow in 1991, drawing a crowd of 200,000.

His family praised how he had plunged “early on into the flow of globalisation”.

But the much-used and franchised Cardin brand later showed signs of wear and, in 2011, he put his fashion label up for sale although it failed to sell.

“We are all proud of his tenacious ambition and the daring he has shown throughout his life,” his family said.

Friday, July 17, 2020

July 17, 2020

Bizarre!! Mother Snatches Daughter's Husband Because She Cheated On Him

A bizarre love triangle has rocked a Russian family after a 75-year-old woman allegedly stole her daughter's man after she cheated on him.

The mother and daughter are said to be embroiled in a bitter fight over the same man after he left the younger woman for the septuagenarian.

The grandmother, Galina Zhukovskaya is from the St Petersburg city in the western Russian region of Leningrad Oblast. She married her daughter's ex-husband back in 2010 after developing a friendship with him when it emerged that her daughter had cheated on him, forcing him to leave his family.

When he left the marital home, the granny offered her daughter's ex-husband a place to stay and that resulted in a love match that ended in marriage.

Now, the granny has come out to complain that her daughter, Elena Podgornaya, 56, is trying to steal her ex-husband, Vyacheslav Zhukovsky, 52, back from her.

She told local media that her daughter was unlucky in love as she has been facing challenges to get a another man since she was dumped. The septuagenarian also alleged that her daughter is jealous of her success with her ex-husband and is trying to lure him back because "she is bored".

Speaking with Russian newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda, she claimed the daughter went as far as sending her granddaughter to try and seduce her husband.

She claimed to the paper: "She wants us to separate.

"She often sends her 30-year-old daughter, born from another man, to get intimate with him."

Zhukovkaya continued: "My daughter is probably jealous that mum is not alone. I have someone to talk to and she doesn't. But he won't get back to her. She cheated on him too much."

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

July 07, 2020

See The Latest Stylish Facemask Worn By Cross River Governor And Produced By State-owned Factory

Governor Ben Ayade

Cross River State Governor, Prof. Ben Ayade sure knows how to get the media space engaged with his stylish facemask and dress sense.

He is known for his beautiful combination of the African Ankara materials that matches his wears.

In the wake of the outbreak of the coronavirus, the governor instructed the Cross River State Garment factory to immediately commence production of Facemask and other personal protective equipments (PPEs). He, the Governor has since then, literally become the 'Model' of Facemask in Nigeria.

Today, he posted the latest from the factory which got people talking on social media.

See photo:

The governor had last month, instructed the factory to produce more facemask that would be given to pupils and students of primary and secondary schools respectively, upon resumption of academic activities.

He said: "I think that the federal government will be excited to encourage the resumption of schools because obviously the coronavirus has come to stay with us and the reality is that countries that have attempted to resume schools have had to contend with the increasing prevalence of the virus but obviously how long can we wait as a country?”

“So perhaps, we have to adopt a new lifestyle that will integrate coronavirus as part of our lifestyle.

“And so for Cross River state, we have a strong commitment that our children cannot continue to stay at home. The more they stay, the more the moral decadence, the more indiscipline, the more they become lazy to get back to school and getting started, because for every stage in life there is a time where you have to be in class and once the children miss that delicate phase, it becomes very difficult".

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Monday, June 15, 2020

June 15, 2020

A Must Read For Men!! How To Keep A Lady BY FEMI FANI-KAYODE

Former Aviation Minister, Femi Fani-Kayode bares his mind on how to keep a lady as he shares beautiful pictures of his wife.


 HOW TO KEEP A LADY  by Femi Fani-Kayode

Ladies are like race horses: they must be mastered, tamed, trained, exercised and regularly serviced. They are like race cars: their engine must be revived at least twice a day.

They are like precious jewels and rare gems: they must be cherished, shielded, guarded, protected and defended.

They are like little children: they must be given attention, pampered, encouraged, loved, made to feel on top of the world and given everything that they need and want.

They are like magnificent works of art: they must be appreciated and valued.

If you want to keep a lady, live for her alone, worship the ground she walks on, treat her like a Queen, tolerate and accept her idiosyncrasies, weaknesses and excesses and love her for who and what she is, warts and all!

And one more thing: once in a while write her a romantic poem, serve her breakfast in bed, give her flowers, buy her the most expensive and exotic perfumes, take her shopping and in the evening cook a candle-lit dinner for her.

Do all this and she will stand with you through thick and thin.

That's my secret and that's the key!

See photos of his wife:

June 15, 2020

65-year Old Grandmother Marries Her 24-year Old Adopted Son

The couple
An Indonesian grandmother, 65 years of old has married a 24-year-old she had adopted after he proposed.
Reports say Mbah Gambreng who had adopted Ardi Waras last year tied the knot with him in South Sumatra, Indonesia.
The couple had reportedly been living together since then and the grandmother told local media she did not have any intentions to marry him when she adopted him.
Gambreng says that she simply told him he “should get married soon” as her three adopted daughters were already married.
“To my surprise, he said he wanted to marry me,” she said.
Waras even paid her a dowry of 100,000 IDR (₦2,742) which she accepted. Photos of the wedding show the happy couple smiling, holding hands and hugging.
In Islamic weddings in Indonesia, the groom or groom’s father pays money or possessions to the bride at the time of their wedding as dowry.
See photos: