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Sunday, December 13, 2020

December 13, 2020

I Am Proud To Be A Male Prostitute, I Have A Vision For 2023 - UNICAL Graduate Who Is Into Male Prostitution Confesses

Kelvin Akparanta, a male prostitute


Kelvin Akparanta, a graduate of Biochemistry from the University of Calabar has come out public on his trade of male prostitution. 

According to Kelvin, he makes money from sleeping with different women for a fee. He describes himself on Instagram as Africa’s number one Man ashawo (Male prostitute). He also displayed a form that his prospective female clients have to fill to enjoy his services.

In an interview with Saturday Sun, Akparanta said that he prays before meeting a client because the world is evil. Excerpts:

How did you get into ashawo business?

I decided to make money from having sex with women instead of doing it for free. I am a professional in other fields too. The reason why I made that video that recently went viral is to help build my other businesses.


I am a professional graphics designer. I am a graduate. I studied Biochemistry at the University of Calabar. I am an orphan. I lost my parents when I was in primary school. My uncle saw me through school.

After school, the reality of the society where I found myself in hit me. I discovered that without the right skills, you couldn’t make it in this society. I started getting money from women.

As a sharp guy who knew what I wanted, I started to think of other legitimate ways to make money in this country. I love technology and using computers. I had a friend who had a computer he uses to play games. So, every night, when he is asleep, I use the computer to watch tutorials on YouTube about how to make graphics. After a while, I was able to master the art of graphic designs. I started making money from graphics design. At a point, people started referring me to others for jobs.

So far, I have done some big jobs. I designed for Calabar Festival. I have designed for Miss Africa Calabar and some big corporations under a company name, Box One.

The male prostitute thing was like a joke. I saw it as an opportunity to be famous. I define myself as phenomenal, smart and intelligent. I took advantage of an opportunity that presented itself to advertise myself.

How does your family feel about your prostitution business?

Some of them have been calling me but I have been avoiding their calls. They sent me messages saying I am spoiling the family name by saying I sleep with women for money. I responded to some and apologized. I told them that I didn’t plan for the video where I explained what I do to go viral. I let them know that I am an adult and I have my life to live. I tell them sorry about their family name but I still have to worry about my own name. As far as I am doing something that no one else has been able to do, that’s courageous enough.

How do you cope with the stigma of being a male prostitute?

Some of my friends ask me the same question all the time. I ask them how they cope with stigma of poverty. As long as I am getting clients and making money to fund my lifestyle, I don’t care about the stigma. Let the stigma be there. It means nothing to me. As far as I am living my life, I don’t care about the stigma of being a man ashawo.

How many clients can you handle in a day?

Some of the things I said in the interview that went viral were exaggerated. When I granted the interview, it was meant to show my comedy side. It’s not like I sleep with women everyday and all the time. With digital marketing, I have been able to grow my customer base in graphics designing. I have jobs to do everyday. I manage social media accounts for some brands. It’s not like the ashawo work is what I give 100 percent of my life to.

Sometimes in a week, I can have one or two clients to have sex with. I don’t really mind. The five thousand naira I mentioned in the interview was what I charged back when I started.

Right now, five thousand naira can’t buy me a shirt, fuel my car, and fund my lifestyle. That was meant to be humour. These days, I charge higher.

In a day, I don’t mind if I have one or two clients. I granted that interview four or five years ago. It isn’t a recent interview. I have played down on my prostitute business because I am trying to prove my worth to people. I am living my life now polishing my skills and making money from my talents.

Do you believe in God, what religion do you practice?

I am a Christian. I pray before meeting a client and before doing the do. I tell God to protect me and keep me safe from all evil. I tell him to save me from danger because I don’t really know who I am with anytime I meet a client. I remind Him that He is the Father of the fatherless.

Don’t you think your pastor and church members have watched the video where you talked about sleeping with women for a fee?

I am not very religious. I am sure some of them must have watched the video and they may be trying to reach me. I choose messages I reply to. I don’t give people the opportunity to tell me trash. They must have been messaging me. I know that some of them are the ones who are being judgmental about what I do.

There are some guys who sent me messages asking how they can join me in the business of having sex for money and I was shocked. Some want me to refer customers to them. I now know that many guys do the same thing I am doing but they are doing it in hiding. They are not bold enough to come out like I did.

The society is hypocritical. I tell guys to stop pretending because as a man, if you have more than one girlfriend, you are an ashawo. If you are a husband and you cheat on your wife, you are an ashawo. There is no difference between you and I. The only difference is that I get paid to sleep with women while you spend money to do the same. Stop the pretense. He who is without a sin should cast the first stone. We are all sinners.

Some girls have more than one boyfriend and they are abusing me, they don’t know that we are in the same business. I am outspoken about what I do and I make more money from it while these girls are still playing local matches.

Do you have a girlfriend, what does she think about what you do?

I have a girlfriend but I don’t want to bring her into this issue. We are cool.

How much money do you make from your prostitution business?

Like I said, that interview portrays my life five years ago. Whatever I make from ashawo business is side money. I use it to buy clothes and buy drinks for my friends. I don’t drink or smoke. I don’t calculate the money I make from ashawo business as my income. I spend the money on my wears because I need to look good.

Why don’t you drink or smoke?

Drinking is not my thing. I come from a good Christian background. Right from when I was a child, I was taught that smoking and drinking are bad habits. I don’t fancy smoking and drinking. I select my friends in such a way that none of my close friends smokes or drinks too. I don’t see a reason why I should drink or smoke.

The first time I took alcohol, I had impaired judgment. I like doing things when I am thinking straight. I don’t like blaming my decisions on something that I induced. I hardly go to clubs.

I am into artist management too. I have a comedian I am managing. They are the only ones that drag me to the club once in a while. I am not a social person. I don’t like going out. I don’t even like being in the presence of people.

Who are your clients for your ashawo business?

I have a general clientele. There are different women who demand my services.

What are some of the risks and dangers you face doing your prostitution business?

The very imminent risks are infections. There are some clients that won’t want you to use a condom to protect yourself. There are some clients that would to do oral sex and oral is not safe.

The other risk is safety. There are some ritualists and kidnappers who prey on people. You don’t know who is who these days. You don’t know if the client you are meeting wants to harm you. The fear of the unknown is the biggest risk in the business.

Have you had a near death experience in this business?

I was with a lady in Abuja and I don’t know what she wanted the condom with my semen in it for. She wanted me to hand it over to her and I refused. A gun was pointed at me. I put the condom in my mouth and pretended I swallowed it. I was scared to death that day. That is the only near death experience I have had doing this business.

How do you relax since you don’t like hanging around people, what do you do for personal enjoyment?

I am not a movie person too. I sleep off while watching a movie. I love my own company. Innovative thinking keeps me relaxed. I love it when I spend time with myself.

Where do you see yourself in the next two years?

I have a vision for 2023. I call myself Africa’s number one ashawo in the viral video and it was fun intended. I see myself as number one brand strategist. I really want to go fully into brand strategy. The video is not recent. I want to turn this negative publicity around and make a fortune out of it. There is always an opportunity in any negative situation. In the next two years, I want to be the most sought after speaker, digital marketer and brand strategist. That has been my dream even before that video went viral. I am also a writer. I have a book that will be published soon. I hope to maximize my talent to the full.

Do you have plans of getting married and having children?

Yes, I want to get married and have children. I love myself and I want to transfer the love I have for myself to my family. It might happen next year or in two years time.

What advice do you have for young men in Nigeria who want to make money but they don’t know how to go about it?

After that video went viral, I cried when I opened my DM on Instagram. Some guys were asking me what charm I use to get female clients; some asked if they could join me in the business.  I was sad because I saw a big mental shift in the minds of Nigerian youths.

Some were calling me their role model. I tell them that I am not their role model. I tell them not to be like me. Apart from me being a male prostitute, I have skills. I have a career I am pursuing. For the people who want to be like me, what are they doing with their talents?

In that line of business, you will end up wasting your life. Don’t be like me. I don’t want to be your role model in that aspect. If you want me to be your role model in business, that’s fine.

I have to organize training for young men and when they come for training, I will tell them that prostitution is not the way to go. I know what it means to spend five hours of your life on a woman. It means you have wasted your time. Imagine how much they can accomplish doing profitable things.

Young guys should develop skills that will bring them money. They shouldn’t tow that road of selling sex for money. I have been able to turn my life around and it is possible for young guys to do the same.

They need to harness their talents and follow their passion. Where your passion and talent meet, that’s where you will maximize progress. I want to use the publicity the viral video has gotten me to impact the lives of young people positively especially those who have gotten a wrong impression from that video.

Saturday, July 11, 2020

July 11, 2020

INTERVIEW: Why I Want Government To Help Ukwa Eburutu People -Philanthropist, Engr. Ayara

Engr. Esu O. Ayara
Not too many would remember their community when God blesses them.

Most would prefer to acquire properties within and outside the country for themselves and their great grandchildren yet unborn. But a man from Ukwa Eburutu, Engr. Esu O. Ayara prefers to touch the lives of people, especially his immediate community.

Engr. Ayara, a businessman, an engineer and the chief executive officer (CEO) of Esuvic Nigeria Limited has empowered so many youths to acquire skills. He has built very decent houses for many in his community, amongst other contributions to the development of Ukwa Eburutu. His love for his community leaves many wondering if he intends to run for a political post. Currently, he, alongside his brother, Prof. Ndem Ayara, is constructing a 30km road in Ukwa Eburutu to ease the transportation problem of Ukwa Eburutu.

In this interview with Obio Monday, the Editor-in-Chief of Grassroot Reporters, he reveals why he embarked on the project, the need for government to assist and the Covid-19 pandemic.


Grassroot Reporters: The people of Ukwa Eburutu have been neglected by both the federal and state governments and it's good that there are individuals like you who are doing the little they can for their communities. What really prompted you to come in and help your people?

Engr. Ayara: This problem our people are facing did not start today. I want to bring the issue of my late father into bare. He actually had problem in going through the other road. He only comes to the village during the rainy season when there is water in the creek where boat can take him to the beach. Because of the problems he had over there, he promised that he will not be alive and continue using the other road, not until he died, we now took the other road with his corpse and we had serious problems with the people over there. So, looking at the problems my people have been having with those at the boundary, I discovered that it has to do with road. They just believe that no matter what happens, we'll still go back to them one way or the other, by passing through their place before we come to our village.  I feel we'll have freedom, I feel we'll be liberated if we have a road of our own. That motivated me, together with my brother (Prof. Ndem Ayara) to go into this project.

Grassroot Reporters: What's the cost implication of this project because I understand projects like this most times are done by federal and state government because of the high cost.

Engr. Ayara: Actually we are yet to come out with the total sum because the project will have to be in stages. What we have done now is tracking/tracing and bulldozing to make sure we create an access for other equipments to come in. So, we'll go into grading, culveting and bridges. The engineers are busy calculating the cost at the different stages.

Grassroot Reporters: Are there plans to tar the road?

Engr. Ayara: Yea, if possible, it will be tarred but we also intend to plead with the local government, state government to come in and assist because we are part of Odukpani and Cross River State.

Grassroot Reporters: So far is there any support from state or federal government, and if no, in what area do you think the federal, state or even the local government can come in to assist for this project to be actualized?

Engr. Ayara: For now there is no support from any other quarters except myself and my brother (Prof. Ndem Ayara). Though we have not actually made the appeal to these quarters that you have mentioned but we feel in due course, when we are through with the bills and quantities and so on, we'll have to document everything because when you are asking for help, you should be able to give all the necessary information pertaining the project or what you want to do?

Grassroot Reporters: Some people believe that the main reason Ukwa Eburutu doesn't have access road is because of the river that divides us from the other side of the Cross River. Also, the route of the road being constructed is an area that overflows with water during raining season, how do you intend to solve this? Or is the road only for dry season?

Engr. Ayara: There will be fillings and embankments in such areas. Some we'll have to do casting; you know the embankment has to be casting or stone work, so that the overflow will not wash off the laterite or materials that will be used for filling. On the issue of the river dividing us, that has happened in different part of the country. River Niger, Benue... The solution is bridge. So it is not an impossible thing for a bridge to be constructed. But at our own level, we have started planning for a pontoon that can cross vehicles and people to the other side until when the government comes in to give us a bridge.

Grassroot Reporters: Some have said the reason for your numerous philanthropic and humanitarian gestures is politically motivated. Do you have any intention of contesting for any political post in the future?

Engr. Ayara: I'm not into active or partisan politics. I'm an engineer, a businessman... That does not stop me from coming out to stand for my people. It may not be as a politician but in any other capacity, I can always come out to stand for my people.

Grassroot Reporters: What other challenges are Ukwa Eburutu people facing and what message are you sending to government to assist in helping to solve these challenges?

Engr. Ayara: In fact, there are a lot of neglects. When you look at the community, you'll find out the way they are faring. The duty of government is to provide infrastructures and certain amenities that would alleviate the sufferings of the people. Apart from amenities, infrastructures, institutions that will help the people from that area get employment. Our area is a conflict area that people of other state are daring to take over. So for people to remain there and protect the land, there should be something that would keep people there; I mean something that will sustain them. Without that, you'll see people moving away from there and we don't want that to happen. We want people to live in their ancestral homes and carry out their legitimate businesses and thrive on that land and come out successful. We want Cross River State government presence in Ukwa Eburutu. Our place is a unique place. At times people say it's a difficult terrain, yes it is but in it, we see lots of prospects. The area can be turned into a relaxation spot, a tourist centre. Even the river, government can set up a resort there with a five star hotel that even those outside the state can come in to rest there.

Grassroot Reporters: What's your assessment of the present government after 5 years in office?

Engr. Ayara: I'm not in a good position to assess the present government because before you assess somenone, you must look at the funds coming in that would enable him carry out projects because as I look at it, Cross River is a civil service state. The monies that comes in goes into salaries and very little is left to projects. So I don't have facts and figures to assess the government.

Grassroot Reporters: In view of the outbreak of Covid-19, are you satisfied with the way the pandemic is being handled in the state?

Engr. Ayara: Yes, I think this is one state that allowed the people to survive, because in .different areas, hunger can even kill and not the covid-19. So what the governor has done here is a more civilised way of making people to be aware of what the pandemic means, how to go about the situation.  The governor has handled it very well.

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