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Tuesday, October 26, 2021

October 26, 2021

Ayade To Buy Ship For Export Of Noodles, Rice, Frozen Chicken From C'River; Pushes For Designation Of Cross River As Export Corridor

Governor Ben Ayade of Cross River State has concluded plans to purchase a merchant vessel for the export of rice, noodles, frozen chicken and other agro products from its numerous industries.

Speaking yesterday at the State Executive Council Chamber of the Governor's Office, Calabar during a presentation by the state chapter of the Nigerian Association of Small and Medium Enterprises, Governor Ayade said the proposal has already been captured in the 2022 budget which is yet to be presented to the State House of Assembly due to the ongoing strike by the Organized Labour in the state.

He said:

 "This presentation enables us to decide on our merchant vessel as proposed in our budget so that we can start exporting our noodles, start exporting our frozen chicken, start exporting our rice, and indeed start exporting all that we produce from our agro factories.”

The governor called on the Federal Government to designate the state as an export corridor so as to benefit from the African Continental Free Trade Area (AFCTA).

Citing the state’s long Atlantic coastline and the huge industrial value chain made possible by his administration, Ayade believes the state deserves to be so designated.

He disclosed that exporting from the Calabar Port, products from Cross River's industries will find a ready market in at least 15 countries in the West and Central African coast.

Continuing, the Cross River state number one citizen said: "We must take advantage of our industries and push our products beyond Cross River, beyond Nigeria and take advantage of the AFCTA to expand the horizon of our market. That is why we have the Ministry of Commerce, that is why we have the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to focus on how we can export.

"And I remain committed and dedicated on the need for Cross River State to have a very robust maritime trade activity to enable us develop our business environment where young men and women will migrate out of politics into business.”

Earlier, Cross River state Chairman of the association, James Alicha commended the governor's industrialisation drive assuring that with 33 industries established by the Cross River state government under Ayade, the state will benefit immensely from non- oil earnings through AFCTA efforts.

"If we are to showcase these 33 industries alone, Cross River State will compete favourably with other states that are deriving their revenue from other businesses  other than oil .

"AFCTA is here to market the products from all His Excellency's factories", Alicha stated.

Tuesday, September 28, 2021

September 28, 2021

Winners of the just concluded De9ja Spirit Talent Hunt

About De9jaspirit talent hunt
De9jaSpirit Talent Hunt is a show organized to discover and showcase amazing talents in the country Nigeria.
Interested contestants applied online, thousands of applicants were auditioned online and only 50 persons were shortlisted.
The contest took place in Calabar, Crossriver state and shortlisted contestants camped in the city.

Contestants were encamped in Calabar for a period of one week while undergoing rehearsals.

As time went on, contestants were evicted till winners emerged on the 26th of September 2021. Below are the winners of the first edition of De9jaspirit talent hunt.

Ikebudu Emmanuel aka Comedian slim saint. He is a student of University of Nsuka. He is from Anambra state. He got the passion for speaking and making people laugh from his parents. He was given the sum of 2 million naira.

Chrysolites Crew. They are a group of orphans and less privileges kids in Ibadan. They are well known for dancing and creative display.
They were given the sum of 3 million naira.

Olatunde Constance, a native of Ekiti state but based in Lagos State.
She is awaiting admission but plans to go into the music career as her family are also musicians.
She is a talented singer/vocalist and she won the 10 million naira.

See more photos of winners: