Interestingly, the hackers of the leading global crypto space known as Afriq Arbitrage System have been arrested by INTERPOL Nigeria.


Sadly, contrary to the falsehood that Arabian hackers were the brain behind it, the heinous crime was perpetrated by one of the staffers, Abayomi Segun Oluwasesan, and his cohorts.


Check by us revealed that AAS was built on top-notch security architecture by the founder, Jesam Micheal, which defends itself against any aggressive attacks from external sources or forces.


However, just like the biblical story of how Judas betrayed Jesus Christ, Abayomi Segun Oluwasesan, who was employed by his boss on the 15th of June, 2022 to work as a web developer, literally hacked the platform at a time when his boss, Jesam Micheal went for a liver transplant and entrusted the codes to him.


Overwhelmed by greed, Abayomi who was entrusted with the sensitive data for the smooth operations of the company, engaged the services of his cohorts, disrupting the smooth operations of the platform and stealing hard-earned investors’ money running into several billions.


Checks revealed that AAS is a global phenomenon with over 100,000 investors from over 75 counties. Thinking his employer, Jesam Micheal would not survive the operation, he withdrew several millions of dollars and became an instant rich dude with an astonishing flamboyant lifestyle overnight. He became the owner of a car dealership known as FIDORAY Autos and imported over 30 exotic wonders on wheels. He acquired Tanzanian and Dubai citizenship. Aside from that, he bought state-of-the-art properties in the UK, Dubai, Tanzania, and Nigeria.


One of the plazas he acquired in Lagos was to the tune of N450m, landed properties around Dangote refineries to the tune of N1b, and splashed a billion naira on the interior decoration of the Mesh 3-star hotel in Mainland, Lagos State.


A nobody Abayomi was travelling across the globe with investors’ money on first-class tickets. His dubious activities literally crashed the lucrative platform on the 15th of May, 2023.


However, the long arm of justice caught up with him when his boss survived the health challenge and was shocked to discover the criminal activities of Abayomi who went AWOL on hearing about the recovery of Jesam Micheal. Thus, the manhunt for his arrest began spearheaded by his boss, Jesam Micheal, alongside the INTERPOL. He was eventually arrested and willingly admitted by confession that he was guilty of stealing the investors’ money blindly.


His crimes bother on financial crimes, data theft, cyber security crimes, and fraudulent takeover of the online financial platform to perpetrate cyber financial crimes.

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