Surveillance video from the Rio de Janeiro station on Tuesday morning shows Mário Magalhães, 67, opening his car’s trunk before the vehicle suddenly blows up.


The impact of the car blast sent Magalhães flying through the air and crashing to the ground.


His wife, Andreia Magalhães, who was standing next to the front passenger door, managed to avoid the brunt of the explosion.


She can be seen in the video running away from the vehicle as the gas station roof paneling crashed to the ground. A gas station worker rushed over to check on her husband and signaled for help.


Mário Magalhães was rushed to Salgado Filho Municipal Hospital and had a surgery, local media outlets reported. He’s in serious condition.


Andreia Magalhães was admitted to Souza Aguiar Municipal Hospital, where she was treated for lesser injuries.


‘I was filling up and his car was on the other side. Then he went to open the trunk of the car. The moment he did that, there was an explosion,’ taxi driver Estevão Aguiar told O Dia newspaper. ‘It was all over him. At first we ran because of the fright, but then we went to help.’


Henrique Schneider, the director for the vehicle inspection agency, which is part-owner of the gas station, said that the car was last inspected on August 31, 2021 and that the gas cylinder was due for service in January. He said he wasn’t sure if there are inspection records for the gas cylinder.


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