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Big Brother Naija Season 7 housemate, PharmSavi have come under heavy criticism from his home state, Akwa Ibom, after he made remarks they consider derogatory and demeaning to the people of Akwa Ibom State, GRASSROOT REPORTERS reports.


One of the housemates, Phyna had said during a conversation that most Akwa Ibomites are gatemen and house-helps.


In response to what Phyna said, PharmSavi whose full name is Saviour Akpan, said that was the reason he always hide his surname ‘Akpan’.


Many Akwa Ibom indigenes took to social media to register their displeasure over the comments made by Phyna and the failure of PharmSav to defend his people.


They lambasted the reality star for not being proud of his origin, vowing not to support him in the show.


A Facebook user, Imaan Mike Umoh 1 wrote:


Phyna said Akwa Ibom people are known as gateman and house help and Akwa Ibom son PHARMSAVI couldn’t even uttered a word in defence rather he was even supporting her claims. 


The mumu PHARMSAVI of a boy, even said that he always hides his surname “Akpan ” so that people won’t know he’s from a state of gateman and house help people.


What an insult to the entire people of Akwa Ibom State.


This is a TV show watch by millions of viewers across the world. The State ministry of information should do something about this., please.


Another user, Beauty Dasilva wrote:

Illiteracy is a curse, bbn never start PHYNA don Dey intimidate all of Una, Ogar pharmsavi may you be hidden forever from Akwa Ibom people, ebot umene 😒. 


Instead of you to embrace your people and even get a fan base from them, you are denying akwa ibom because you claim we are househelps and gateman, and you even hide your surname Akpan from people because you are ashamed of where you come from . you will be a houseboy in that house forever and u will leave with nylon bag out of bbn the way your Ogar madam phyna will send you out with eviction



You won’t even last long for this statement.

Esit Anyad owod

However, another user, Fine Edohoeket pleaded that PharmSavi be forgiven.


She wrote:

He mentioned Saviour AKPAN as his name,

He is an Akwa ibom son no matter how we look at it.

Atleast he was proud to mention the Akpan.

At the point where the Edo parrot said sh!t, PharmSavi’s mood changed and I think he felt bad,


We should Please don’t judge him,

We didn’t judge Angel when she was in the house with the stories she gave on how he dad never liked Home….

I can’t remember you All judging Frank Edoho of who wants to be a millionaire when he sometimes back mentioned that he doesn’t like to be Associated with Akwa ibom cos of what an Akwa ibomite did to him before a Yoruba man helped his life to where he is,

We all know the truth about our Tribe so let’s forget sentiments,

If you have ever met Akwa ibomites outside the shores of the state and needed assistance,you will understand Better,


If you have also been in need and meet even few of the Akwa ibomites back home,you should be sincere to yourselves,


Please allow this young dude to Breath,

If you don’t like him,it’s fine but stop making post recruiting others to h@te him .


God Abeg o,

May the sins of ONNA not fall on this Boy,Amen

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