Nollywood actress Regina Daniels could not hide her joy on Wednesday, January 12 as her mother Rita Daniels, who is also an actress, celebrated her 47th birthday.

Regina shared recent and old pictures of herself and mum on Instagram, saying she was indebted to her mother for her patience and sacrifice.

“Dear mommy @rita.daniels06 I don’t have the right words to express how special and quintessential your presence is for me. Under your shadow, I feel the safest and the happiest. Happy birthday to my sweet mother! Thanks a lot mother for the utmost love and infinite patience. I owe you a lot,” she wrote.

The actress, who prides herself as forever 16, added that she would one day make her mum proud.

“One day I will fill every fibre of your body with pride. Though I am fulfilling my promises already but it’s just getting started,” she said.

The 21-year-old also celebrated her mother for being the source of her good luck and happiness.

“The reason God has sent mothers on earth is to make sure that there is at least a person who can understand the feelings of their children and guide their daughters. Mother, you are the source of good luck and happiness in my life. My whole world illuminates in no time with your lively presence, when it comes to seeking knowledge, wisdom, and conscience. I love you my treasure,” she concluded.

Celebrating herself, Rita said in an Instagram post that while growing up, everyone around her spent all their time trying to be great.

“What a time to be alive. There’s no other way to say I am grateful for life. Everything has been orchestrated to favour me in this New Year. It’s my big day, my birthday and my party time! Happy birthday to me,” she wrote.


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