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Friday, April 9, 2021



A 15years retrospective view of the Bakassi local government would have the area placed on the exalted seat of Nigeria's bread winner, being that she produced one of the best crude in the world market and possessed other untapped potentials.

Consequent to the ceding of her peninsula and the relative ravin of  her oil wells to Akwa Abasi Ibom state, Nigeria suddenly lost sense of her glory and relegated her to the Abyss of perdition as against the plethora of supposed protective articles the Annan's Greentree agreement provided for the Bakassi indigenes.

In the face of this omnibus descend from the sublime to the ridiculous,  Bakassi and her people, displaced and refugees as they now are, have become a fruitful ground for political shenanigans and wealth drilling for the Nigerian politicians.

Woe upon Woe has been the plight of the Bakassi people to least mention the place of children in this saga; being born and nursed in shambles, disarray and homelessness; becoming victims of circumstances they contributed nothing to set off. Theirs is worse than slavery, for even slaves are cared for by their masters.

Studentship in Bakassi local government can be best described as "swimming against the tides", no funding, no incentives, no palliative, no relief materials and ultimately no support. One is left to wonder if the federal government means to deter and infact obliterate the ideology of education from Bakassi local government, seeing how incapacitated she is and playing blind to her sufferings and deaf to her wailing.

Let me submit by asking - what expectations have the government of these indigent Bakassi people especially her students in the face of this gross wickedness, Are they to follow the Law? Be patriotic Nigerians? Or seek alternative means of existence?

The answer lies in the conscience of the government and any reader of this article.


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