Reno Omokri

Motivational speaker and former aide to former President Goodluck Jonathan has blamed the Igbos for dominating Nigeria’s commercial sector and forgetting to dominate the media too, which is why they do not have the ‘air power’ in Nigeria.

The Igbos, who are sometimes referred to as the ‘Jews of Africa’ dominates most sectors of Nigeria’s economy but few such as Senator Orji Uzor Kalu (Sun Newspaper), invested in the media.

Pastor Omokri said such mistake was not made by the Jews in Europe and America.

He said on Twitter:

“The mistake Igbos made, which the Jews in Europe and America did not make, is that they focused only on dominating Nigeria’s commercial sector, and forgot the media.

“The media is like air power. Once you have it, no one will mess with you”.

The author of many books further blamed the Igbos for not using Nollywood the way the Yorubas have been using the media in their favour.
“Igbos should have used Nollywood the way the Yoruba use the media. Sadly, Nollywood actually works against them.

“It makes others perceive Igbos wrongly, as ritualists. Ndi’Igbo saw Nollywood as a money maker, and failed to see it as a game changer”.

On the apprenticeship system practiced by the Igbos, he described it as the most successful in the world.
“The Igbo apprenticeship system is the most successful in the world bar none.

“Alaba International market alone generates $4 billion according to

“Why can’t Nollywood do movies on that and promote Ndi’Igbo, rather than ritual and juju?”.
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