Governor Ben Ayade

The governor of Cross River State today, June 18, 2020 approved additional 190 appointments into various positions in the state.

This was contained in a statement signed by the Special Adviser to the governor on Media and Publicity, Mr. Christian Ita.

Those appointed include:

1. Senator Musa Adede    – Chairman, C.R.S. Security Trust Fund

2. Mr. Bai Thompson    – Special Adviser – Int’l Investors’ link

3. Aboh Solomon Akongfe    – Special Assistant – Aviation

4. Sir Ferdinand Ekana Arop   – Snr. Special Assistant, Business Devt.

5. Mr. Robert Obi    – Snr. Special Assist, Industrial Development

6. Sir Gerald Esin    – Snr. Special Assist, Development Planning

7. Attary Ugar Moses    – Snr. Special Assistant, Animal Husbandry

8. Mr. Godwin Iwheye-Adie    – Snr. Special Assist, Calapharm

9.   Mr. Anthony Ene Bassey   – Special Assistant – Refugees’ Matter

10.   Hon. Ikpeme Ebong    – Special Assist , Essential Services (South)

11.   Akinsheye/    – Special Assistant, Essential Services(North)

12.   Augustine Alawa    – Special Assistant, Agric Produce (cashew)

13.   Agba Joseph Ikwen    – Special Assist, Humanitarian Service(North)

14.   Barr. (Chief) John Ukagu Iqwe- Chairman, CRS Banana Company

15. Paul Bullem Ekpong Special Assistant – Job Creation

16. Hon. Albert Agbor Nyiam – Special Assistant – Modern Farming

17. Hon. Rowland Elemi Director, Ugep Urban Devt. Authority

18. Victor Edet Bassey Snr. Special Assistant – Special Economic Zone

19. Mary James Akpet Member – State Scholarship Board

20. Edict Okpoh Essun. Member – Hawkers’ Right Agency

21. Maurice Offiong Member Scholarship Board

22. Michael Ogbeche Member – Equal Opportunity Board

23. Ededet Ekanem Member – Scholarship Board

24. Effiom Eyamba Member – Governor’s Taskforce on Quarries

25. Wils Ekpenyong Member – Anti-Deforestation Task Force

26. Peter Okoni Eba Special Assistant – Natural Resources

27. Christian Ayambim Kejuo   – Snr. Special Assist, Inter-Government Relationships

28. Solomon Igbang Member – Commodity Control Board

29. Victor Nkom Adi Member – Commodity Control Board

30. Ngwu John Igele Member –  Public Utility Mgt. Agency

31. Obi Adam Ayuk Member- Equal Opportunity Board

32. Barr. Yvonne Abuo Special Assistant – Prosecution

33. Prince Joseph Ogbor Chairman, Commodity Control Board

34. Chief Anthony Okaka Member – CRS Banana Company

35. Joshua Eniang Ani-Ita Special Assistant – Hospitality

36. Mrs. Alice Achi Snr. Special Assistant – Women Devt.

37. Ekong Kingsley Special Assistant – Agriculture

38. Bassey, Etim Ani Snr. Special Assistant – Welfare Services

39. Com. Ekpo O. Ekpenyong       – Snr. Special Assist. – Recreational Park Devt.

40. Martha Utsunung Agba      – Snr. Special Assistant – Humanitarian Services

41. Emmanuel Akpelishi Ukeh    – Member – Cocoa Regeneration Board

42. Freedom Ebi Igwe     – Member – Equal Opportunity Agency

43. Dr. Christopher Lukpata Snr. Special Assistant – Examinations

44. Prince Dan Unah Special Assistant – Job Placement (North)

45. Hon. Francis Lukpata Director – Petroleum Control & Regulatory Agency

46. John Abese Member – Migration Control Agency

47. Elder Clement Obok Special Assistant – Marine Logistics

48. Vincent Egbe Member – Scrap Metals Board

49. Simon Olem Igbang Member – Scholarship Board

50. Gabriel Obak Member – Tourism Bureau Board

51. Collins Inya Odey Member – Preservation of State’s Heritage Board

52. Hon. Martin Usibe Special Assistant – Local Content Development

53. Ode Augustine Alegu Special Assistant Agric Investment

54. Cyprian Uneji Special Assistant – Agric Input Control

55. Stephen Otem Member – Employment and Local Content Bureau

56. Helen Lafin Special Assistant – Transport Services

57. Michael Obun Etan Special Assistant – Developmental Projects

58. Hon. Stephen Okonu Special Assistant –Logistics

59. Boniface Odey (Bony Brown) Special Assistant – Development Control

60. Christian Oshie Ojie Snr. Special Assistant – Public Affairs

61. Kyrian Noah Member – Enterprise Development Agency

62. Otu Ita Edet Otu Snr. Special Assistant – Fiscal Responsibility

63. Ekong Kingsley Tom Special Assistant – Agriculture

64. Obi Adam Ayuk Member – Commodity Control Agency

65. Ngwu John Igele Special Assistant – Solid Mineral Resources

66. Victor Nkom Adi Member – Smart City Board

67. Ada Solomon Igbeng Special Assistant – Urbanization

68. Glory Eyo Ekpenyong Member – Food Bank Commission

69. Hon. Mrs. Majori Eyo Asuquo Special Adviser – Enterprise Devt. Funding

70. Mr. Joseph Ukpong Senior Special Assistant – Sustainable Devt. Goal

71. Patience Innocent Ekon Special Assistant – Community Health Services

72. Hon. Abubakar Efoli DG- Management Development Institute

73. Mr. Julius Inah Snr. Special Assistant- Local Government Projects

74. Cyril Omini Special Assistant Security (Yakurr)

75. Josiah Erasmus Ofem Member – Smart City Board

76. Mr. Bassey Yanki Snr. Special Assistant – Rural Development

77. Mr. Patrick Eni (Camera) Member – Scrap Metals Control Agency

78. Mr. Felix Arikpo Member – Equal Opportunity Board

79. Ikpi Ikpi Otu Member –  Smart City Board

80. Barr. Godwin Asuquo DG- Scrap Metals Control Agency

81. Hon. Moses Bisuakefe –       Snr. Special Assist. –Petroleum Monitoring & Control

82. Ogar Samuel Ekum Snr. Special Assistant Special Projects

83. Ugbong Philip Ubenaye Secretary – CRS Housing Board

84. Cletus Ashikabe Special Assistant – Welfare Services

85. Banabas Ajinung Special Assistant – Electricity Generation

86. Benedicta Kakwa Special Assistant – Mobilization

87. Sunday Ayawa Member – Hawkers’ Right Agency

88. Ferdinand Alok Orim Member – Scrap Metals Control Agency

89. Hon. Ebenezer Abua Special Assistant – Social Works

90. Kingsley Unung Special Assistant – Agro-Jobs Creation

91. John Atete Special Assistant –  New Areas Development

92. Sunday Ihungu Special Assistant –  Agro Value Chain

93. Linus Okpaka Special Assistant –  Pesticide Control

94. Hon. Thaddeus Ijua Member –  Livestock Project

95. Emmanuel Ikam Member –  Clean Energy City Board

96. Hon. Sunday Eterikang Special Assistant – Food Bank

97. Hon. Patrick Kayang Member – Farmers Council

98. Mr. Julius Igba Special Assistant – Cashew Value Chain

99. Mr. Peter Akpetue Member – Development Control Agency

100. Collins Unung Special Assistant – State’s Farm Development

101. Gerald Ikpe Aleken Member – Smart City Board

102. Agim Godwin Ugabo Member – Housing Board

103. Agim Simon Ungwugwaye –  Special Assistant – Banana Value Chain

104. Awa, Deborah Ubeloka Member –  Safety Regulatory Agency

105. Iwhobe Emmanuel Special Assistant –Employment Outsourcing

106. Adie Gabriel Ikpe Special Assistant – Tour Sites

107. Lawrence Agim Member – Arts & Cultural Heritage Agency

108. Solomon Utsu Special Assistant – State’s Heritage

109. Jeremiah Undikeye Member – Art & Cultural Heritage Board

110. Gerald Aleken Member – Passengers’ Safety Board

111. Morphy Michael Uko Special Assistant – Green Area Restoration

112. Ibembe George Wonah Special Assistant –Safety Regulation(Roads)

113. Alada Abang Member –  Safety Commission

114. Moshor John Igbaji Member – Traffic Regulatory Agency

115. Udey Clement Ikawu Special Assistant – Industrial Development

116. Hon. Ugbeh Michael Ugbeh Special Assistant – Agro-Allied Promotion

117. Mr. Ogogo Joseph Mmubegi Special Assistant – Groundnut Value Chain

118. Mr. Sylvester Aruku Ushede Special Assistant – Rice Cultivation (North)

119. Mr. Akwubu Timon Uju Special Assistant – Cocoa Regeneration


120. Adie, Michael Ugiobe(DCN- RTD Chairman

121. Icha Innocent Ebong Secretary

122. Odey, Boniface Oko Member

123. Ofem, Peter Ejuba Member

124. Odey Veronica Andokie Member

125. Obase Emmanuel Member

126. Ugbem Anthonia Ubim Member

127. Adie Polycarp U. Member

128. Undiandeye Jonathan Igbo Member

129. Evangelist Emmanuel Effiom Member

130. Udie, Augustine Ishifundi Member

131. Silas Uganapu Beshel Member

132. Imelda Alexis Asikpo Snr. Special Assistant – Widow Affairs

133. Emmanuel Uwakwe Special Assistant–SUBEB Projects Monitoring

134. Mr.Patrick Odama Obogo Member – Traffic Regulatory Agency

135. Mr. Andrew Eyam Special Assistant, Conflict Resolution

136. Hon. Livinus A. Ekane Snr.Special Assist.,Farms Technical Support

137. Benjamin Willis Ubi Special Assistant – Youth Sensitization

138. Mrs. Lucy Udoh Snr. Special Assist. Local Govt. Pension Matters

139. Simon N.  Uguma Special Assistant, Resources Management

140. Odey G. Irandy Special Assistant, Community Advocacy

141. Paul Egim Special Assistant, Food Security

142. Engr. Peter Awup Special Assistant, Technical

143. Ibemebn S. Adoga Special Assistant, Corporate Affairs

144. Sunday Majab Special Assistant , Local Contents

145. Tony Monjuk –       Special Assistant,AgricValue Chain (Cassava)

146. Margaret Ekpenyong Okon Special Assistant, Women Mobilization

147. Vincent Ovat (Dylan) Special Adviser , Eja Farms Project

148. Mr. Oliver A. Mboto Special Assistant , Rice Farm Projects

149. Okem Louis Ebokpo (Eja Comm Leader), Special Assistant, Rice Farms

150. Sir. Oliver Ntui Snr. Special Assist., Agric Enterprise Devt.

151. Mr. Wilson Egem Agbe Special Assistant, Produce (Yam)

152. Engr. Godwin Ushie Snr. Special Assistant, RUWATSA

153. Mr. Gab Awafung Special Assistant , Community Devt.

154. Ogar Peter Ojong Personal Assistant – Youth Mobilization

155. Utsu Noah Bisong Personal Assistant – Economic Devt.

156. Abeke John Atele Personal Assistant – Wealth Creation

157. Emeka Solomon Ogar Personal Assistant – Business Development

158. Obo Daniel Obo Personal Assistant – Equal Opportunity

159. Eke Martins Personal Assistant – Ethical Reorientations

160. Adie Bernard Ekpakpo Personal Assistant – Advocacy

161. Engr. Amake Christopher Akpamke- Personal Assistant – Industrial Development

162. Beshel James Abunimye Personal Assistant – Farms Management

163. Etta George Esso Personal Assistant – Youths Empowerment

His Excellency also approved the following replacements and upgrading:

164. Hon. Owali Inah to replace Chief Ofem Nelson as Director – Ugep Urban Development Authority

165. Elder Mbang Bassey Mbang replaces Osong Etowa as Director Ugep Urban Development Authority

166. Mr. Edet Effa will replace Barr. Fidelis Obeten as Member – Safety Management Board

167. Mr. Ashipe Igbo DG, Cross River State Bio-Safety Agency

168. Mr. Akpanke David Akpanke Member – Hawkers Right Agency

169. Isomkwo Sictus Ukelina Special Assistant, Anti-Deforestation

170. Awusha Prince Peter Special Assistant – Quarries

171. Ukwayi Hycenth Abanbeshie Special Assistant, Equal Opportunity

172. Undeshi Regina Ayade Special Assistant, Special Duties (North)

173. Sani Sule Bendi Special Assistant,  New Development Areas

174. Chief Sunny K. Magam Special Assistant, Man Power Devt.

175. Engr. Emmanuel Iddih Special Assistant , Technical Development

176. Mr. Chris Moshe Special Assistant, Project Management

177. Raymond Efam Special Assistant, Biotechnology

178. Daniel Arisha Special Assistant, Account Mgt.

179. Willy Momnang Special Assistant, Information

180. Prince Richard Ushie Special Assistant, Wealth Distribution

181. Prince Nolly Abam Inah Member – Inland Waterways Taskforce

182. Victor Nkom Adi Snr. Special Assist. Education Inspectorate

183. Godwin Ugare Adah Special Assist, Community Devt. (Obanliku)

184. Ursula Onah Agbor Special Assistant – Media

185. Dr. Pauline Ekori Chairman – Community Development Agency

186. Sunny Ikawu –        Special Assistant–Petroleum Product Control

187. Jerome Ayade Snr. Special Assistant – Forestry

188. Spokesman Agogo Snr. Special Assist. Farm Inputs Support

189. Denis Egere Special Adviser – Anti- Deforestation

190. Egnr. Emmauel Eneji Nkpeh Snr. Special Assistant, Power System

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